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Log Bundles

Buy Decorative Logs By the Bundle - boxed by the square metre 30 x 40 in various lengths and tree species

How many bundles will you need?

Measure the width (side to side) of your space and the height (top to bottom) in centimetres and convert to metres like this:

If you have a width of 80cm that equals 0.8m

If you have a height of 120cm that equals 1.2m

Multiple the width by the height to get the metres squared (m2) required like this:

0.8m (80cm) x 1.2m (120cm) = 0.96m2

Divide the total by 0.12m2 (this is the area coverage of one of our bundles)

0.96m2 divided by 0.12m2 = 8

This means you require 8 bundles to fill the space.

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