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Tree Magic 1: Beithe (Birch) The Tree Of Birth

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The Birch Tree

Birch TreesIn Celtic cultures The Birch tree symbolises initiation, renewal, growth, stability and adaptability. The tree populates formerly uncolonized land and is known as a "pioneer species". From the
 Ogham alphabet "Beithe".

The Chinese honor the birch and give it the attributes of protection, communication and rejuventation and Ancient Siberians hail Birch as sacred. They called it "the ladder that spanned the gap between heaven & earth. Many Native Americans prize the birch for its bark which can be used in construction of wigwams, canoes and bowls as it is very light weight and easy to manipulate.

Birch is used as firewood due to its high calorific value per unit weight and unit volume. Even when frozen or freshly cut it can burn well without sparking or popping. Designated as a Hardwood by the Forestry Commission trees can often reach 200 years although grown commercially for use within the industry it is sustainable with most crops being 40-50 years old.

Birch is available from reservoir logs as cleaved firewood logs in both 25cm and 30cm lengths. Moisture content is guaranteed to be below 20% or we will replace/refund no quibble.

Price Increase Imminent

Various factors within the industry are affecting production level prices of firewood this Winter and these increases are being passed directly to us. We will be reviewing the pricing of several products and announcing a price rise at the end of January which we hope to mitigate and keep to a minimum for our customers.


Stock up your log store in time for the cold weather ahead during the rest of Winter with a selection of kiln dried logs

Popular and sustainable Birch is available in both 25cm and 30cm lengths - if your stove can fit a 30cm log then this is the best value option as the longer the log, the longer the burn!

Ash and Oak and Beech are popping in and out of stock frequently due to their popularity but you can pre-order, expected release dates are on each product page.. Briquettes are still on extra discount until the end of the month!

Make sure you add in your chosen lighters (local area account only) and firelighters to your order!

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