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Buy by the crate or buy by the net

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The first thing to consider when purchasing a crate of logs from any company is access to your property.  Most pallet companies offer a kerbside only delivery and any obstacles such as parking restrictions, bumpy pavements, gravel driveways, etc. will render delivery difficult for even a 2 man delivery with a pallet truck.pallet 24 nets logs

Then, if you manage to drag the pallet onto your property it may not be in the place you want it to be, this means a full day of work handling every single log on that crate.  

The first thing to consider when purchasing a crate of logs from reservoir logs is to find out whether you are in our local area for delivery.  Local Area Customers have access to discounted nets and it will always be cheaper to buy the equivalent number of nets that buying a crate.

Even if you are a UK Nationwide delivery customer it still makes sense to purchase nets on a pallet rather than a crate.

Building a pallet of net bags of logs means that once delivered the nets can be moved easier and quicker than a crate of stacked logs.

Crate of stacked logs

Building a pallet of nets also gives you the option of mix and match of different species of wood.  Pallet charges are being developed on this site so it's always worth giving us a call to see if we can reduce the price of the pallet charge you are being shown at checkout.

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