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Cold and Wintery Start to Monday - Weather Warning Scotland

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Wintry Showers, Risk of Ice

5% Discount Coupon "MARCH" valid until Midnight tonight!  Order today for delivery this week.  Birch, Ash, Oak and Beech all in stock.

Has your local area account been updated?...We're Fixing Log Prices in certain areas across Central Scotland.  Login to your account to see prices in your area.  Coupon Code applies to all purchases and works on top of Local Area Prices.

Providing Fire on The Beach for The BBC - The Incredible Science of Temperature

We get a lot of requests from customers who use our logs for the bizzarest of reasons. Last September we answered once such call from The BBC. They were filming a new series in Manchester for BBC FOUR documentaries and needed firewood that would give a good intense fire for the shots to be [...]

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Tree Magic 3: Duir (Oak) King of The Woods

The Oak TreeStrength, honour and male virility! Associated with Kingship and Gods and Goddesses. Duir promises us the strength to speak the truth, to hold our ground and to live a life of courage. In Norse it was the Sacred tree of the Thor and in Greek sacred to Zeus. Both Thunder Gods!The [...]

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Tree Magic 1: Beithe (Birch) The Tree Of Birth

The Birch Tree In Celtic cultures The Birch tree symbolises initiation, renewal, growth, stability and adaptability. The tree populates formerly uncolonized land and is known as a "pioneer species". From the Ogham alphabet "Beithe".The Chinese honor the birch and give it the attributes of protection, communication and rejuventation and Ancient Siberians hail Birch as [...]

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SECONDS CLEARANCE - Local Area Customers

These products are only available to our Local Area Account Customers and you need to be logged into your account to be able to access them.We're still finding odd pockets of birch and ash logs which have been stuck to the side because in the last few months they've suffered from being soaked or having [...]

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CRAZY KILN DRIED DISCOUNT DEALS HARDWOOD BROWN RESERVOIR LOGSHardwood Brown is about as crazy as they come. He's selling kiln dried logs like their green. You ain't never seen nuthin as dogarn crazy as these firewood log prices.reservoir logs REWARDS programWe are planning some great things for the future and this includes moving our rewards [...]

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