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Providing Fire on The Beach for The BBC - The Incredible Science of Temperature

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We get a lot of requests from customers who use our logs for the bizzarest of reasons. Last September we answered once such call from The BBC. They were filming a new series in Manchester for BBC FOUR documentaries and needed firewood that would give a good intense fire for the shots to be filmed on a beach.

We were able to send them overnight the logs that they needed to do the filming. You can see the now famous reservoir logs fire on BBC iPlayer for the next 9 days only so featured in the beach scenes presented by Dr Helen Czerski on "From Ice to Fire: The Incredible Science of Temperature".

They're not even 'blink and you'll miss it' shots. There are several sustained scenes in which Dr Czerski is talking to camera and even at one point cooking popcorn over the flames We're incredibly excited to share this with you now and encourage you to check out this thoroughly enjoyable and educational series before it disappears from the iPlayer.

What better testimonial to the intense heat you get from our logs than to have them advertised for free on The BBC!

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