Posted by Hardwood Brown on Apr 03, 2022

Strong Customer Authentication

Over the past couple of weeks you may have noticed an increase in declines for online card payments.  It's all designed to make your online shopping a more secure environment and is thanks to the Strong Customer Authentication rules which came into force 14th March 2022.

It aims to make sure that the person requesting access to your account, or trying to make a payment, is either you or someone to whom you have given consent. The rules, introduced in 2019, are intended to further enhance the security of payments and limit fraud. They are known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

The rollout of the rules was delayed in the UK and you can find out more information here:  

SCA - UK Finance Article

What are we doing at reservoir logs to ensure your continued safety whilst shopping with us?  We have been implementing a program of online updates to secure and streamline customer transactions.  

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