Posted by Hardwood Brown on Jun 08, 2022

Price Increases GB Firewood Summer 2022 through Winter 2023

All of our suppliers have been in constant contact since January 2020 announcing one price increase after another.  Fuel costs, raw materials, workforce issues have all contributed to steadily increasing costs for us here at reservoir logs.

Headlines such as "People Heating One Room with Firewood" may sound sensational however we are seeing an increase in enquiries from buyers who are doing some serious sums regarding their electricity and gas consumption and whether reservoir logs can help alleviate the cost of heating their homes.

We're old enough to remember when a log burner was a luxury.  Having delivered all around the COP26 exhibition in Glasgow left wondering what effect this would have on how future generations would view woodburning and what this would mean to our business.  We are now out the other side with recent phenomenal increases in the cost of Gas and Electricity across Britain, the need for affordable warmth driving the industry for good clean and efficient wood burners and quality kiln dried hardwood firewood log suppliers providing responsibly sourced and sustainable heat from wood.

This morning one of our main suppliers has increased the base cost of birch, ash and oak by 26% (this was on top of 2 smaller but consecutive price rises last year which we mitigated by utilising Local Area Discounts.  This latest price increase will come into effect on all future orders and therefore we have a limited availability of stock at our current pricing.

Several customers have mentioned that they are stockpiling and we are more than happy to help in this respect whether it be volume discounts on large orders or one of the many ways in which we can offer a bespoke plan for regular, smaller deliveries to build up your supplies throughout June/July/Aug 2022.  Get in touch to discuss options. You can email or call on 0800 112 3799

The reservoir logs team have worked consitently throughout COVID.  As essential suppliers we have seen 2 Winters without our customary Summer Seasonal breather.  Over the jubilee weekend it looked as though we may have been able to apply the brakes a little but with these latest price increases we can't in conscience sit back and wait a second longer to get organised for Winter.

As fuel suppliers, it is our duty to ensure we can maintain standards of supply and service to customers old and new.  Taking stock into your woodshed throughout the Summer helps to alleviate the strain which inevitably falls on the drivers as soon as the first cold snap hits in September.