New Automatic Delivery System Operational

Posted by Mr Pink on Sep 15, 2021

New Automatic Delivery System Operational

15/11/2021 - Update 

The efficiency of our newly implemented automated delivery software is allowing us to process orders for delivery within 1-2 working days.  

There's still a lot of human interaction and intervention from despatch operators but communication between driver and destination is increasing. 

Improved communication and faster delivery is our overall aim with this implementation and we are looking forward to utilising more features going forward:

  • reservoir_logs_local_area_delivery_map_2021Repeat Deliveries
  • Dedicated Weekly Routes
  • Zoned Discounts and Offers
  • New Product Offerings
  • Local Area Opportunities

Give it a try - order today to get your delivery before this Friday.  Remember!  Minimum order quantity for most local area delivery is 5 x 40L nets (75kgs).

Remember Remember!  Log into your Local Area Account and watch the prices drop for your postcode area.

Original Post: 

Feedback we've received from you tells us that you want more communication from us regarding your log deliveries.

This Summer we have been rolling out a new delivery software to our local area delivery customers and we invite those of you who are in our local delivery areas to join our on-going beta test this week and give us your feedback.

delivery truck

To get the best from the system please ensure your mobile number is correct on your order when being placed so you get delivery status updates on the progression of your order.

If you would like to order over the phone and check your details are correct please call us on 0800 112 3799

The benefits of this system eliminates any potential human error from scheduling and allows drivers to gain data compliant access to your order.

We are buzzing about using this during this Winter Season 2021-2022 to facilitate your log deliveries with:

  • Optimized Routes
  • Automated Dispatch
  • Real Time Tracking and Alerts
  • Digital Proof of Delivery
  • "Uber-like" Customer to Driver Tracking
  • GDPR Compliant Communication

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