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Gremlins in the machine

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Running a small business is serious nowadays and we take the security of our site and your data very seriously.  Yesterday we came into an outage on the site which was, thankfully, not our fault... this time!

Last weekend we upgraded the nuts and bolts of this website (which resulted in the site being unavailable for around 12 hours and our email for around 48 hours).

We had been noticing an ever so slight increase in incoming spam and had had reports of email going into junk folders.  We are confident that these updates will alleviate these wee niggles.  

Everything is running smoothly (touch wood!) and we invite you to take a run around this site, this Winter, for the last time as we will be updating quite a lot, quite soon.  As always with technology, one must keep innovating to stay ahead.

When you shop with reservoir logs you are protected by premium grade McAfee Site Security giving you peace of mind knowing that you are engaging with a serious business, albeit with a punny name.

We won't be making any major changes until the busy Season is over so good old, jolly old is at your disposal for another Winter.  Come join us for a cheery warm, oldy-styly Christmas.

All this tech disruption has reminded us of one of (in our opinion) the greatest Christmas films of all times.  It definitely has felt like there have been gremlins in the machine.  

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