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​Crowdfunding - Tip the waitress?


Since we started back in 2008 we've been full of great ideas here at reservoir logs and it's always a fine balance between taking care of our valued customers and growing the business which is tricky in a seasonal economy. 

We've researched many crowdfunding platforms. Here at reservoir logs HQ, we don't believe in money for nothing but we do tip the waitress! That's why we're crowdfunding but we're offering something in return.

When you purchase a product from us you can be sure it is being invested in a proper family business. We always recruit full time employees on full proper contracts and have been paying the working wage for years.

As well as receiving a quality product you can congratulate yourself on ensuring the continued growth and consolidation of a successful small (UK tax paying) company.

We have a range of products which all contribute to funding the business throughout our quiet summer months.  Purchasing any products through the website either as a general customer or as a Local Area Customer will help fund the continued success of reservoir logs.  

We would especially like to draw your attention to:

Box of 4 Scotorch Swedish Lanterns

Set of candle holders 

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