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Spring Sale!

5% off all products STOREWIDE  Use Coupon Code MARCH at checkout Coupon Expires Sunday 10th March 2019

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Burnt Offering...

Discount code available for orders placed today only (Sunday 24th Feb 2019) - ends midnight tonight.10% off all Nets of Birch, Ash and Oak Kiln Dried Firewood Logs.Use code BURNT at checkoutWe're overdue for a cold snap and predictions are suggesting this may happen during March so get your order in for delivery for this week [...]

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Strong and Stable Log Delivery

You may know that we moved premises back in The Summer of 2018.  For 3 years at Broxburn we tried a retail approach which in retrospect was a bit of a bad decision considering the rest of the retail sector, we therefore made a decision last year to revert to our original model of online [...]

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Weather Forecast January

Headlines are full of scare stories that The Beast From The East will be back from tomorrow! However, The Met Office have no severe weather warnings in place for next week but are predicting that in a couple of weeks' time, the temperatures will fall to about 3.5C (38F), below the January average.We're [...]

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Briquette

Every gun stove makes it's own tune.  Some like logs, some like briquettes and some like everything.This Briquette is not the best looking of the bunch but it sure burns for a long time giving out a great heat.Introducing the new Birch Briquette with Bark.  It's a long burning briquette that works a treat in [...]

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Hogmanay 2018-19 - Happy New Year from your First Foots!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!We've still got the worst weather of this Winter Season to go.  Make your reservoir logs driver your first foot this year with a delivery of quality kiln dried logs.To celebrate New Year you can use the time sensitive Discount Code to get 5% off every net of Birch Logs.Code is valid until [...]

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Providing Fire on The Beach for The BBC - The Incredible Science of Temperature

We get a lot of requests from customers who use our logs for the bizzarest of reasons. Last September we answered once such call from The BBC. They were filming a new series in Manchester for BBC FOUR documentaries and needed firewood that would give a good intense fire for the shots to be [...]

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Tree Magic 3: Duir (Oak) King of The Woods

The Oak TreeStrength, honour and male virility! Associated with Kingship and Gods and Goddesses. Duir promises us the strength to speak the truth, to hold our ground and to live a life of courage. In Norse it was the Sacred tree of the Thor and in Greek sacred to Zeus. Both Thunder Gods!The [...]

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Tree Magic 1: Beithe (Birch) The Tree Of Birth

The Birch Tree In Celtic cultures The Birch tree symbolises initiation, renewal, growth, stability and adaptability. The tree populates formerly uncolonized land and is known as a "pioneer species". From the Ogham alphabet "Beithe".The Chinese honor the birch and give it the attributes of protection, communication and rejuventation and Ancient Siberians hail Birch as [...]

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Buy by the crate or buy by the net

The first thing to consider when purchasing a crate of logs from any company is access to your property.  Most pallet companies offer a kerbside only delivery and any obstacles such as parking restrictions, bumpy pavements, gravel driveways, etc. will render delivery difficult for even a 2 man delivery with a pallet truck.Then, if you [...]

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