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Wolf Moon Discount Code 2022

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Wolf Moon 2022

17 Jan 2022, 23:48 - Edinburgh Time

10% off all 40L Nets Birch Logs for the duration of this January's Wolf Moon

Use code WOLFMOON at checkout - expires Tuesday 18 January 2022, 23:48

Delivery before Friday 21st 2022

Next Day Delivery

No Logs to LOGS in 24 hours - Birch is in stock for delivery tomorrow*, Saturday from your Local Area Distributor.Order 40L nets Birch before midnight tonight using discount code FIRE10 for 10% off all nets and delivery Saturday 4/12/21Shop now or call freephone 0800 112 3799 and arrange your order with our friendly customer service staff.Next [...]

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Christmas and Hogmanay 2021

Wahey!  Christmas Eve and Hogmanay both fall on Friday this year 2021 - 2022 To ensure delivery before Christmas Day - order before midnight Wednesday 22nd December To ensure delivery before Hogmanay - order before midnight Wednesday 29th DecemberOutwith these dates we will not be responsible for the operation of heavy machinery or vehicles Local Area Orders are [...]

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Lunar Eclipse November Beaver Moon

The 11th Full Moon of the year is tomorrow 19 November 2021, 08:59am (GMT)You may not be able to see it from the UK but the Beaver Moon, so called because Beavers typically start building their dams in November, will begin at around 7:19am (GMT), before reaching its maximum at 9am and ending at 10:47amNASA [...]

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Gremlins in the machine

Running a small business is serious nowadays and we take the security of our site and your data very seriously.  Yesterday we came into an outage on the site which was, thankfully, not our fault... this time!Last weekend we upgraded the nuts and bolts of this website (which resulted in the site being unavailable for [...]

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Wintery conditions on the way

Tropical storm Wanda didn't do as much damage as some sensationalist headlines predicted. This week though, The Met Office forecast things to get colder as we go through the month of November so plan ahead and order your logs for delivery next week. Stocks are replenished, vans are serviced, drivers are raring to go... (existing orders will be [...]

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The Goose is getting fat....

Halloween is coming The geese are getting fat Please put a penny in the old man's hat If you haven't got a penny A Ha'penny will do If you haven't got a ha'penny God Bless You! Use discount code GOOSE at checkout for 5% off all items in your basket! Order now for delivery before the weekend... Code active until 1st November 2021 - [...]

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Autumn Update: Stock, Payments, Deliveries & COP26

StockA busy September leads us into a calm October with stock levels returned to normal quicker than expected.  All Birch, Ash and Oak are available to order on the website for delivery this week!   If you have have an existing pre-order we will be shipping your delivery this week and will be in touch with a delivery day/date.  If [...]

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New Automatic Delivery System Operational

15/11/2021 - Update The efficiency of our newly implemented automated delivery software is allowing us to process orders for delivery within 1-2 working days.  There's still a lot of human interaction and intervention from despatch operators but communication between driver and destination is increasing. Improved communication and faster delivery is our overall aim with this implementation and we [...]

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Do you remember, 21st night of September?

The mighty elements that are Earth, Wind and Fire;  reservoir logs' soundtrack for the start of the Season! A great time when we have a big clear out in readiness for the new stock.  The end of Summer draws near giving way to dreams of cosy clothes and big cheery bright log fires. Ash and Oak are [...]

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